Meg Grosswendt

Private Chef Services

Cannabis Counselor

Personal Nutrition Counseling




As a professional chef, I can work with you and or your staff to insure a kitchen program that will produce a consistent and delicious eating plan that will apply to your lifestyle. 

I work with clients to pinpoint their needs, offering mind and body care suggestions as well as  custom blend Cannabinoid rich nutritional oils, terpene rich healing salves and customized dietary plans. 

Phone consultations available.


A hands on assessment of your kitchen including food staples, cookware and small appliances to ensure you are set up for successful meals.

Maybe you wonder about the quality of water in your home?

Maybe you are concerned about the pots and pans you cook with?

Maybe you’re not sure which food storage containers to buy?

Do you need help stocking up with additive and toxin free snacks?

Do you want to know the best places to shop, and source the most healthful foods/products?

I can help you get started on a healthier kitchen.